Paul John's Tree Service offers snow plow and snow removal services for residential driveways and commercial parking lots.  Serving Bucks County, including Levittown, Langhorne, Yardley, Newtown, Morrisville, and surrounding areas.

Snow Plowing and Removal
Paul John makes excellent use of his equipment and reliable crew when the snow falls. From residential driveways to commercial parking lots and more, snow removal and plowing is done in a professional and efficient manner consistent with the service you'd expect only from Paul John's Tree Service.

Expect the Best Bucks and Mercer County snow plowing and removal is a professional service available through Paul John

  • Timely - Drivers are contacted immediately with snow removal job information which means you won't be left sitting around all day waiting for a snow plow truck to arrive.

  • Thorough - Consistent with Paul John's tree removal services, our Bucks County snow plowing is done carefully and thoroughly. Our drivers don't cut corners or rush through the job. Extra precautions are taken to ensure a clean and safe surface for all.

    Properly removing snow from your property is a higher priority than servicing more clients in one day. Not only will your driveway or parking lot be cleared of snow but all snow removal services include snow clearing from Salting and hand shoveling are part of the Bucks County snow removal and plowing services offered by Paul Johnexits and entrances. Salting and hand shoveling are part of the snow plowing services. Paul John's crew members inspect your walkways, driveways, and steps, clearing away all loose snow and salting potentially hazardous areas. Clients have come to expect that when Paul John's crew is called upon to plow snow, they will be left with an area that's suitable for cars and pedestrians alike.

    Paul John's hard working crews keep up with snowstorm plowing demands.  Many trucks will be dispatched to stay one step ahead of old man winter! Bucks County's most reliable snow removal and plowing company!
  • Reliable - Since Paul John keeps his equipment well-maintained and serviced regularly, he is ready to go at a moment's notice. All trucks are equipped to handle a variety of conditions, ranging from light snow to heavy snowstorms. Snow plows are securely fitted and operated by experienced drivers. Multiple trucks are available for larger snow removal jobs requiring faster turnaround.
  • Hard Working - Paul John treats his customers like family. Snow plows and removal crews work night and day to stay ahead of snowstorm requirements. Drivers are knowledgeable in tree removal and landscaping services which means they carry the expertise to gauge when dangerous conditions exist on your property or extra care should be taken.

  • Consistent - Clients know exactly what to expect when Paul John is called to the job. Whether it's for tree removal, snow plowing, land clearing, or bucket truck services, Paul John's Tree Service offers the same honest, professional, and reliable service each time.

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